For a number of years now, many attorneys and law firms have been promoting mediation as one of the best solutions for the divorce process.

Although there are cases in which mediation works for divorcing couples, the mediation process is not nearly as universally effective as many claim it to be. For far more couples, simple settlement negotiations work much better for a variety of reasons.

Mediation: An Imperfect Process

Mediation is often setup as the perfect alternative to litigation. The claim is that mediation is much cheaper and allows couples to discuss the disputed matters on their own, rather than fighting it out in the courtroom.

However, mediation is bound by numerous regulations and procedures rules that can often hinder resolution to the various disputes in a divorce. Further, mediation can subject you to coercion and other stressful situations, whereas settlement negotiations will allow you to have a lawyer there to represent your interests and protect your rights.

Simply sitting down with both parties and their attorneys, discussion the issues involved and negotiating solutions can be the most efficient way to get through the divorce process. The negotiation process can be much less stressful for everyone involved and it allows the parties a much greater level of control over the outcome.

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