There are times when divorces go smoothly. Collaboration can occur and the whole process can begin and end with minimal headaches and no ill-will. However, there are also numerous reasons why mediation and collaboration between the two parties cannot work well and when litigation is necessary to successfully divide property.

When there are substantial assets at stake, a simple discussion of who gets what does not delve into how the division will affect taxes and whether there may be consequences that affect your standing with a family business or a company you own.

These types of concerns are usually factors in high-end divorce cases where things like 401ks, investments, stocks, pension plans, executive bonuses, real estate, shares in a company and even offshore accounts can be areas of contention and dispute.

Sometimes the two parties simply cannot come to an agreement on anything, no matter how much they desire to do so. Other times, the two parties are so at odds they simply cannot sit down in a room with each other. No matter how much it may appeal to them to keep their affairs out of the more intensive court scrutiny, they are unable to even contend with the thought of collaborating and negotiating with each other one final time, for any reason.

If you are going through a divorce and need the knowledgeable help of someone who navigates contentious divorce cases with precision, you could benefit from a New York family law attorney. Sometimes you can’t talk things out; sometimes you have to take the game to court and when faced with that reality, you need a strong teammate going to bat for you.