Of the many issues that arise during your divorce, property division might be one of the most contentious – and most important. Although some couples are able to endure the property division process without significant conflict, others require additional legal support to finalize their divorce. This is particularly true for couples with one partner who is making financial threats or menacing comments to the other. When going through your high-conflict divorce, how can you minimize the effect of these financial threats? Today, some tips for protecting your rights during the distribution of marital assets.

Enraged spouses can wreak havoc on their partners during the property division stage of a divorce. These angry individuals have been known to threaten their partners with over-the-top legal action, saying, “I’ll spend all my money on my attorney before I give you any money!” Partners are also known for threatening to hide assets and even ‘steal’ child custody from one parent by spending more on a high-powered lawyer. Although such a threat may be intimidating at the time, there are a number of steps that you can take to minimize the impact of such statements on your personal life.

First, speaking with a qualified family attorney can often clear up questions about property division requirements in New York. Your spouse may contend that he or she will keep all of your shared assets – but the law might beg to differ on that point. Although your spouse may attempt to bypass the system by hiding assets, most marital property must be equally distributed. A qualified financial investigation team can help determine whether your spouse is attempting to deceive the courts.

Be sure to take careful notes about the threats that are made against you, tracking the time and nature of the conversations you have with your soon-to-be ex. These notes can prove invaluable in the hands of a divorce team. Further, recording the financial threats can often remove their sting, providing you with a better perspective on your ex’s mental state.

If you have been subjected to financial threats during property division, you do have legal options. A trained New York divorce attorney can help you learn more about your courtroom rights, providing you with the financial resources you need to start your new, single life.

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