A legal separation from your partner can be difficult as you plan your next steps and deal with the painful emotions that accompany this painful moment in your life. However, taking proper steps to protect yourself and your legal rights can make this process easier and increase your chances of reaching a positive outcome. With that in mind, knowing what to do – or not to do – during your separation is essential.

The Buffalo, NY, divorce attorneys at the Venzon Law Firm PC have extensive experience with these matters and know how seemingly mundane actions can have a dramatic impact during a divorce or separation. We’ve provided the following list of things not to do during a legal separation so you can protect your rights. If you’d like to know more, call us today or complete our contact form for a confidential consultation.

Don’t Disregard Legal Advice

Seeking advice from a skilled legal professional is vital during a legal separation from your partner. Moreover, it’s essential to follow your lawyer’s advice and instructions. Ignoring legal counsel can result in decisions that harm your case or future negotiations.

Avoid Making Major Financial Decisions

Refrain from making significant financial moves such as selling property, making large purchases, or drastically changing investments. Your partner or the courts might mistake these actions as an attempt to manipulate your financial standing.

Don’t Involve Your Children in Disputes

Keep your children away from any conflicts between you and your partner. Using children as messengers or involving them in adult issues can damage their mental health and may impact custody decisions.

Avoid Confrontational Communication

Heated arguments or confrontational exchanges with your partner, whether in person or via text and email, can escalate tensions. Furthermore, your partner can use these exchanges against you later. Aim for calm, respectful communication at all times.

Don’t Dismiss the Importance of Documentation

Keep track of all relevant documents and communication with your partner. These records can be valuable during legal proceedings, especially when it comes to financial matters and custody issues.

Avoid Spontaneous Decisions About Property or Custody:

Do not make quick decisions about significant matters such as property division or child custody. These issues require careful consideration and legal guidance to ensure fairness and compliance with New York laws.

Don’t Neglect Self-Care:

A legal separation is often stressful for everyone involved. Neglecting your physical and mental health can affect your decision-making abilities. Prioritize self-care to maintain clarity and strength during this challenging time.

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