Famous singer Usher will soon be back in court after his ex-wife filed for custody of their two sons. His ex-wife is seeking child custody after one son was involved in a swimming pool accident and ended up being hospitalized after the incident.

Earlier this week, one of Usher’s sons was swimming at his home and was being watched by his aunt. The child got his arm caught in a swimming pool drain, and reports show that the child was rescued by contractors working at the house and was given CPR. The child is still recovering in the hospital.

After the swimming pool accident, Usher’s ex-wife requested an emergency hearing and filed for temporary primary custody of the couple’s two young sons. According to court documents, Usher’s ex said that he failed to monitor his children despite having physical custody of them. She also said that due to Usher’s travel schedule, he uses caregivers to supervise the kids instead of watching them himself.

The couple has been divorced since 2009 and this is not the first child custody hearing or argument the couple has had. Usher was awarded custody of his sons last year and now faces another legal battle with his ex-wife over custody of their children.

This case is an example of the ways parents can file child custody petitions after the original child custody decision has been made. If a child has been injured or neglected while living or visiting with one parent, the other parent can seek an emergency hearing for temporary custody of the child. In addition, parents can also petition to change current child custody orders and try to gain primary custody of the children.

Parents who are concerned about the safety of their children or want to change their child custody orders should contact a family law attorney to discuss what options are available to gain custody of their children.

Source: Reuters, “Singer Usher’s ex-wife seeks custody of sons after accident,” Aug. 7, 2013