Couples get divorced for many reasons. One of the most common reasons couples file for divorce is due to infidelity. While cheating used to be the number one cause of divorce, a new study found that there is a new most common reason cited in divorce filings. 

The study reported that the number one reason couples get divorced is due to unreasonable behavior. Infidelity is still a common cause of divorce but unreasonable behaviors have taken the lead as the most common reason for divorce

The study reported that unreasonable behavior can be a variety of different behaviors, including making a spouse feel guilty about visiting friends, not spending money wisely and lying. 

Just how many couples are citing unreasonable behavior in their divorce filings? The study reported that 47 percent of divorce filings cited unreasonable behavior as the reason for divorce. In comparison, only 28 percent cited unreasonable behavior during the 1970s and 1980s. 

While unreasonable behaviors have become more commonly cited in divorce filings, they were likely the cause of many divorces in the past. However, it is much easier for couples to call it quits now than it was 30 years ago. 

Previous studies have found that more women are filing for divorce in the U.S. because they feel more comfortable living on their own. In the past, some women considering divorce stayed in the marriage because they didn’t think they could afford to live on their own. Now, many women have their own professional careers and financial goals that they can afford to get divorced and be single again. 

Regardless of the reason for divorce, many couples struggle with the complex process of divorce. To help ease the stress of divorce, spouses should consult a divorce attorney to understand how the divorce process works and what steps to take. 

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