Very few people get married with the intention of getting divorced or that it probably just wont work out.  Despite couples best intentions the harsh reality is that divorce rates are raising – the divorce rate is nearly 50% overall and 40% for couples with children.  These findings has lead reaserch think tanks and the U.S. Census Bureau to delve deeper into the statistics and find out why divorce has become so prevelent. recently published a thoughtful article providing some insight as to why people get divorced and more particularly the top 10 reasons parents get divorced.

There are many factors that affect the divorce rates such as the rates are considerably higher for young, low income families than they are older, colledge educated, middle class couples.  In addition those who marry and have children right out of high school are at greater risk of divorce than couples who finish colledge, have decent paying jobs and wait until they are in their mid to late twenties or even older to get married.

Regardless of the different factors affecting the divorce rates there are evidence of common themes for marriages ending in divorce.  The following are the most popular reasons for marriages ending in divorce: communication issues, incompatibility, financial difficulty, personal problems, lack of attentiveness, growing apart, intimacy issues, addictions, infidelity and selfishness.

This does not mean that all marriages are doomed from the get go.  With help, such as conseling or therapy, most of these isssues leading to divorce can be overcome for couples seeking to preserve the marriage and oftentimes they emerge from the hard times with a relationship that’s stronger and more fulfilling than ever.