You are likely familiar with the pros and cons of a prenuptial agreement, with a hefty list of pros on why getting a signed prenuptial agreement into place is a good idea prior to marriage. However, too many couples get stuck on the cons, which are that it isn’t an easy topic to discuss and it seems like you’re planning on a divorce before you’re even married. 

But the reality is that a “prenup” is not only for celebrities and those with extraordinary worth, but can really benefit almost any marriage. Your choice of words and how you approach the conversation could make a big difference in how the request is received. If you approach your intended with the idea that the main reason to marry is your love for each other, and not for financial gain from the marriage for either party.

Other great positives that a prenup offers are:

  • Protection of each person’s separate property that they bring into the marriage.
  • Pre-marital disclosure of all assets, income and debts.
  • A primer for estate planning (where assets should go upon your death).
  • Removes ambiguity and potentially animosity should the marriage end in divorce.
  • Helps bring financial issues to the table for discussion regarding how you, as a couple, will manage your finances, investments, businesses and banking.

Finding an attorney in New York can add an invaluable level of confidence that your prenup will be upheld in a court should it ever be needed.