A survey conducted to promote a television show may not be the most scientific poll ever done. But a survey released on behalf of the show “The Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce” does raise interesting questions about whether it is ever truly over for many once-married people.

The research company behind the survey polled 1,021 people aged 18 to 49, 715 of whom had gone through divorce. According to the survey, 27 percent of divorced respondents said they have had sex with their exes after getting divorced or separated.

At this point, readers who have never slept with an ex may be wondering how this could be so common. Why would anyone be eager to have sex with the former love of their lives?

The Huffington Post wondered the same thing. It asked a couple of experts about the survey results, and they had some theories.

For one thing, many times sex with a former spouse is familiar and comforting. It can also be an instinctual way of marking our “territory” in a subconscious attempt to keep away new potential mates. Finally, simple loneliness after divorce can send a couple back into each others’ arms, at least briefly.

On the other hand, not everyone still wants sex with their ex. Forty percent of divorced people surveyed said their favorite part of ending their marriage was getting to sleep with someone new.

Personal relationships do not always end with a clean break, and legal separation is an option for couples who no longer wish to live together, but are not yet ready for divorce. Please contact a family law attorney for more information.