When a substantial amount of money is at stake, a divorce case can easily get contentious in a hurry. The process of property division is always a tricky one, but when one or both members of a divorcing New York couple have a sizeable income, then things can get heated.

This is the situation facing New York Knicks player Raymond Felton and his wife. Felton’s wife Ariane filed for divorce from the star player back in February. Felton makes millions of dollars a year, while his wife is a law student.

According to the player, the case shouldn’t even be in a New York court at all. He says that under the terms of the couple’s prenuptial agreement, the case should be heard in North Carolina, his home state. He also says that the terms of the agreement preclude Ariane Felton from receiving any alimony.

However, Ariane Felton says that the prenup isn’t valid because of her husband’s extramarital affairs, which she says led her to file for divorce. In addition, shortly after she filed for divorce earlier this year, she told police that her husband had an unregistered handgun that he had displayed during an argument. A criminal case regarding that allegation is still pending.

It remains to be seen what will happen in this case, but it serves as a good example of the need for experienced representation in a divorce case. Here, each side has what could be considered a strong case, so it will come down to a judge’s ruling.

Source: New York Daily News, “Knicks guard Raymond Felton and wife fail to reach deal in divorce case,” Dareh Gregorian, May 23, 2014