Getting a divorce can be complicated, especially when going through contested divorce proceedings. Individuals getting divorced should be aware of the impact their social media profiles can have on their divorce. As more people continue to join social media websites and groups, understanding the negative ways social media can affect their divorce couldn’t be more important.

Divorce attorneys across the country say that they are seeing evidence from social media sites being used in divorce cases. Photos and comments on Facebook and Twitter continue to be used in cases to show that one spouse is dishonest or an unfit parent.

Child custody decisions could be impacted by evidence from online sites, especially if there are photos of one parent engaging in illegal activities. Divorce settlement agreements can be impacted by online evidence too. An example would be if one spouse lied about the assets or property in their name but posted something on Facebook showing that they had more money or more property than they previously claimed.

Spouses getting divorced should be aware of the impact their social media behaviors may have on their divorce case and be careful about what they post online. Below are some tips individuals getting divorced should consider when using social media during their divorce:

  • Make your profile and activity private
  • Don’t post comments or photos of activities that may make you look dishonest or like an unfit parent
  • Don’t post about your divorce online, especially regarding what caused the divorce or other specific details of the divorce
  • Be aware of who mutual friends are online because they may be notifying your ex about your posts and behavior

Divorce proceedings can be challenging and difficult to go through, especially with social media being used as evidence in many divorce cases. To prevent harm to their divorce case, individuals should keep these tips in mind and only post stuff they would be okay with their ex and his or her attorney knowing.

Source: Inforum, “Post carefully: Online information often used in divorce proceedings,” Meredith Holt, July 25, 2013