Even for couples who agree that their marriage must end, getting divorced is often an emotional, stressful and scary time. The future appears lonely and uncertain, and many fear not getting their fair share of the marital property, or not getting to see their kids as much as they would like.

Most divorcing New Yorkers are able to work through their fear to reach a fair compromise, with the assistance of their divorce lawyer. But sadly, on occasion someone turns to violence, and tragedy is the result.

A legislator in Georgia is seeking to limit this type of violence by making itillegal for someone to buy a gun if they are in the midst of divorce proceedings, according to WABE-TV. Under the bill, the would-be gun buyer would need permission from the judge presiding over his or her divorce to purchase a firearm. That would presumably limit the ability of an enraged or depressed spouse to use a gun to harm themselves, the other spouse, or someone else.

The bill likely faces long odds. A legal analyst for the news station believes that it would run counter to the 2nd Amendment, and would be unenforceable anyway.

We hope stories like this do not scare our readers off from divorce, if they are considering getting one. Almost no divorce proceedings come to blows or worse. Yes, there will probably be emotionally difficult parts, but the patience, sensitivity and reassurance of a good divorce attorney can make the process as painless as possible.