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Same-Sex Relationships And Domestic Partners

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Even though New York State recognizes same-sex marriage, many unique challenges still exist for same-sex couples.

Venzon Law Firm PC employs creative and intelligent legal strategies to ensure equal benefits and protections to same-sex clients.

Same-sex couples with children may face additional challenges. Marriage alone will not ensure both spouses have legally enforceable rights to any children previously adopted or born into the relationship.

Domestic Partnership Agreements from same sex divorce attorneys in buffalo

Domestic partnerships allow both same-sex and heterosexual couples who live together to obtain many of the benefits afforded to married couples without marriage. Similarly, when these relationships sour, these couples face many of the same challenges as divorcing couples. These include dividing property, debt and finances, and determining child custody and visitation schedules.

Domestic partnership agreements like prenuptial agreements allow unwed couples to protect their property and financial interests in the event of a breakup in the relationship.

Venzon Law Firm PC helps clients draft comprehensive domestic partnership agreements that clearly dictate the division of property and debt sharing at the end of the relationship. Additionally, a domestic partnership agreement can work with other estate planning devices to govern legal rights in the event of one partner’s death or incapacitation.

A domestic partnership agreement cannot determine custody, but the agreement can be used to help communicate each party’s intentions regarding shared custody.

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