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Negotiating Property Settlement Agreements For Over 30 Years

Property settlement agreements are legally binding contracts that couples agree to follow in resolving their matrimonial and family law issues. The key word is agreement. No one can be forced to sign an agreement.

Located in Buffalo, Venzon Law Firm PC has represented clients throughout Western New York and Canada for 37 years. Our attorneys help clients negotiate property division settlements so they can complete the divorce process and move forward with their lives to their “happily ever after.”

Experienced Attorneys Negotiating Property Settlements

Agreements are best reached by negotiation between the parties and their attorneys. Negotiated agreements are the best way to resolve all matrimonial and family law matters.

It is never advisable to have one attorney or person represent both parties. It is a conflict of interest and neither party can be assured that they received the advice that was best for them. This happens most often when couples believe they have a mediated agreement and that the mediation process is less argumentative or hostile. This is a false perception because negotiation does not need to be hostile and good lawyers cooperate with their clients to achieve negotiated settlements that protect them.

Multiple Agreements In One Case

You can have separate financial and parenting agreements. Sometimes a couple can agree on the financial aspects of the divorce, but not the custody and visitation, or vice versa. If this is true in your case, then a property settlement agreement can be negotiated that addresses only the aspects you can agree on and leaves the contested aspects for court determination.

Contact Experienced Property Division Lawyers

The manner in which property is divided has the power to greatly affect your financial health for years to come. Protect your financial interests by contacting the property settlement lawyers of Venzon Law Firm PC today at 716-262-8282 or toll free at 800-583-6960.