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Safeguard Your Future With A Prenuptial Agreement

There is a stigma attached to prenuptial agreements because no one wants to contemplate the possible end of their upcoming marriage. However, a well-written prenuptial agreement can help reduce the cost and contentious nature of a future divorce by clearly dictating how property will be divided and if support will be provided.

Located in Buffalo, Venzon Law Firm PC helps individuals throughout Western New York and Canada develop clear and concise prenuptial and postnuptial agreements that protect their property and financial interests, regardless of what transpires in the future. We have decades of experience handling asset division and other divorce and separation issues for New York and Canadian clients.

What To Do Before Saying “I Do”

Getting married is meant to be a joyous and hopeful time where couples excitedly look forward to the future. Unfortunately, the reality is that many marriages end in divorce.

Venzon Law Firm PC helps clients enter marriage with their eyes open to all future possibilities.

We draft prenuptial agreements as contingency plans for our clients. We sincerely hope they will never be used. However, our lawyers recognize that providing couples with a framework to guide them in the event of a future divorce or separation protects our clients’ property and financial interests, and helps prevent future costs and fighting caused by lengthy divorce proceedings.

Marriage Agreements

Couples may agree to enter into prenuptial or postnuptial agreements, either before marrying or any time after a marriage. These agreements provide guidance and protection in the event of divorce and often dictate which properties are separate, how marital property will be divided, how debt will be shared and whether spousal support will be provided.

Prenuptial agreements are not always equally beneficial to both spouses and while a prenuptial agreement may benefit one spouse, it may limit the other’s ability to obtain property or support should the marriage end. This is particularly concerning for lower income earning spouses or those who chose to not work, staying at home with minor children or other reasons.

This makes it important to have an experienced and knowledgeable attorney representing your interests during every stage of the prenuptial agreement process. Venzon Law Firm PC has been helping clients protect their interests during the development of prenuptial and postnuptial agreements for 37 years. As a team, together we will draft a marriage agreement that protects your financial interests and your property in the event of a future divorce or separation.

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