Business Valuation

Business Valuation In New York Divorce And Separation

Business Asset Valuation

Venzon Law Firm PC does not look for short-term solutions to long-term situations. Our attorneys understand that property division decisions made today have the power to greatly affect our clients’ financial stability and well-being into the future.

This is why we examine the long-term earning potential of family-owned businesses, retirement accounts and other income producing properties in addition to the current value of our clients’ and their spouses’ assets. After determining the future worth of a business interest, a property division agreement can be crafted that places our clients on the path to future financial stability.

Venzon Law Firm PC works with a large network of business and financial professionals — such as forensic accountants and cash flow experts. Depending on the type of business involved, we work with these professionals to determine current values and predict the future income producing capacity of our clients’ business interests, professional practices or family-owned businesses.

Keeping Family Businesses In The Family

Individuals with family-owned businesses or professional practices often fear that during divorce proceedings the business will be lost to their ex-spouses or they will be forced to sell their businesses to pay their ex-spouses a lump sum in a property settlement.

Venzon Law Firm PC understands the importance of keeping businesses intact. Our lawyers work closely with clients to create property division agreements that keep family businesses in the family and avoid situations where selling the business becomes necessary.

If you are involved in a divorce proceeding involving family-owned or professional businesses, or business interests, contact the Buffalo lawyers of Venzon Law Firm PC at 716-854-7888.