Property Division

Protecting Your Financial Interests In Divorce And Separation

Marital Asset Distribution

Many decisions must be made when two people separate their lives. Important decisions regarding how to divide assets, debt and other financial instruments such as pensions must be made. However, only marital property is legally subject to equitable distribution. Separate property is narrowly defined under the law.

The rules that determine whether property is classified as marital or separate are complex. While it is generally true that any property you held before your marriage — as well as gifts and inheritances received during your marriage — is separate, this is not always the case. Couples often intermingle properties and funds during marriage, making it complicated to trace and determine the true nature of each property owned during the marriage.

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Venzon Law Firm PC helps clients keep their separate property separate and obtain the equitable share of marital property necessary to exit the marriage in the strongest personal financial situation possible.

Getting The Property Clients Need To Live Happily Ever After

Property division decisions become even more complex when high net worth individuals divorce. Sophisticated investment accounts must be evaluated, businesses must be valued, and the long-term value of professional degrees and licenses must be determined. If prenuptial agreements exist, the terms of those agreements must be followed but may be changed if they would be unfair or unjust.

Our lawyers represent clients during every stage of the property division process in both property settlement agreements and courtroom litigation. We often connect clients with tax and investment professionals who can advise them on how to best manage their money after the divorce is final.

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