The journey to college is a milestone for any family, but for divorced parents, it presents a unique set of challenges. As your child prepares to embark on their college adventure, aligning with your ex on key decisions becomes more important than ever.

Venzon Law Firm PC has helped many parents overcome the challenges of co-parenting with a student in college. Our Buffalo divorce lawyers want to help you create a supportive framework that empowers your child to thrive in their academic pursuits and beyond.

Challenges for Divorced Parents with a College Student

While college can put significant stress on parents and students alike, divorced parents face different or enhanced challenges compared to married couples. Some challenges divorced parents with college students must contend with include:

Financial Planning

Determining how to divide tuition, housing, and other college expenses can be complex for divorced parents, especially if their divorce agreement didn’t anticipate these costs.


Maintaining open lines of communication between both parents and the student can be difficult, especially if there are unresolved issues or the parents have different expectations for their child’s college experience.

Decision Making

Deciding on major life choices, such as the choice of college, field of study, or even study abroad opportunities, requires cooperation between divorced parents and may reignite old conflicts.

Emotional Support

Providing consistent emotional support to the student can be challenging, as parents must find ways to be supportive while managing their own needs.

Visitation and Holidays

Coordinating who the student will spend time with during breaks and holidays may lead to disputes, especially for students who attend college far from where they grew up. 

Preparing for Co-Parenting with a College Student

As your child begins their college journey, a key aspect of this transition is making financial plans for your child’s education. Early discussions about the division of college expenses can prevent misunderstandings and foster a cooperative environment. Implementing written agreements or contracts regarding financial responsibilities can provide a clear framework and help you avoid disputes down the line.

You may also need to adjust your communication style with your ex and your child. As your child gains more independence, consider formalizing communication with your co-parent, especially regarding financial matters, to maintain clarity and accountability. Remember, the focus is on empowering your college-aged child. While it’s essential to offer guidance, avoid placing them in the middle of disagreements.

During this period of adjustment, it’s crucial to manage expectations regarding time spent with your child. College life is demanding, and your child will need to balance academic responsibilities with personal time. Encouraging open visitation without pressure will help maintain a positive relationship.

If these changes become overwhelming, don’t hesitate to seek support from a family counselor or therapist. Professional guidance can provide the tools to manage your emotions and maintain healthy family dynamics.

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