Paternity FAQ

You Have Questions About Paternity. We Have Answers.

Do I Need a Paternity Test?

Are you married? If not, you may need a paternity test. When a child is born to unwed parents in New York, the biological father must take steps to ensure he is legally acknowledged. This can take place by submitting an acknowledgement of paternity or by obtaining a court order of filiation. A paternity test can serve as the foundation for either of these actions.

How Does Paternity AFFECT Child Support?

Without paternity, there is no legal basis for obtaining child support. To receive child support, a parent must have an acknowledgement of paternity or an Order of Filiation. No paternity = no support.

How Do I Get Custody or Visitation of My Child?

Like child support, there must be an acknowledgement of paternity in order to assert your parental rights. Once paternity is recognized by the court, you can pursue your custody and visitation rights. It will also be necessary for you to pay child support according to New York’s Child Support Standards Act.

Get the Paternity Representation You Need

Going to family court is not a DIY project; you need an experienced family law attorney looking out for your legal and financial interests. To discuss your paternity issue with an attorney, we invite you to call 716-854-7888  or schedule a consultation. We represent men and women in Buffalo and throughout Western New York.