When you and your former spouse became parents, you probably never envisaged having to raise your children as a divorced couple. In addition to the emotional challenges of post-divorce parenting, communication about your children’s schedules, needs, and other issues can add an additional layer of stress. Fortunately, the Our Family Wizard app can help parents communicate more effectively, efficiently, and clearly.

What Is the Our Family Wizard App?

Our Family Wizard (OFW) is a co-parenting communication tool designed to help divorced or separated parents manage their shared parenting responsibilities. The app provides a secure platform for messaging, a calendar for coordinating schedules and events, an expense log for tracking shared expenses, an info bank for storing important information about the children, and a journal for documenting significant events or incidents.

OFW aims to reduce conflict, enhance communication, and maintain a reliable record of interactions between co-parents. It is the only co-parenting app trusted by over one million parents and professionals, a testament to its effectiveness.

Why Is Our Family Wizard Better for Communication?

Using Our Family Wizard for co-parenting communication offers several advantages over methods like text messaging or email. The app creates a boundary between you and your ex, helping to keep things focused. Since messages sent through OFW can be admissible as evidence in court proceedings, both parties are more likely to communicate in a respectful and focused manner.

The app also allows you to slow down and think before responding, helping you put your emotions aside and concentrate on what’s best for your children. Additionally, the ToneMeter feature provides feedback on how the tone of your message may be perceived, encouraging more effective communication.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of using the “Essentials” Our Family Wizard plan is approximately $150 per year for each parent. The “Premium” and “Max” plans come at additional costs ($216 and $300, respectively) and include extras such as unlimited calling, call recordings, and call transcriptions.

While this may seem like a significant expense, especially compared to free messaging apps, the benefits of improved communication and reduced stress can be priceless. Many courts across the United States recognize the value of OFW and have ordered its use in divorce cases. The investment in the app can lead to a more harmonious co-parenting relationship, ultimately benefiting your children’s best interests and your own well-being.

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