It’s that time of year again. Couples who tried their best to make it through the holidays are now looking forward into 2016 with the plans to end their marriage. In fact, the divorce rate as a whole escalate in January throughout Buffalo and the rest of the nation. Why is that?

Many speculate that this trend goes hand-in-hand with the new year and all of the promises that starting over could present. However, one thing that many divorce attorneys have taken note on is that most individuals who come into their office are not simply coming in for a consultation about what to expect during a divorce, but instead are ready to get started on the process right away. Nevertheless, many attorneys suggest that coming in to talk about what to expect isn’t a bad idea.

Sometimes, the decision to end a marriage is a long time coming; other times divorce is a knee-jerk reaction to a sudden event. Regardless of what drove a client to come in to file for a divorce, it doesn’t hurt to talk about the big picture with professionals who know. For example, discussing finances with a CPA can prepare an individual for what life may be like with one income. Additionally, many may find it helpful to talk it all over with a licensed mental health provider. Lastly, meeting with an attorney can be a useful first step in the planning process.

A divorce attorney can give individuals helpful tips on what to start gathering; such as financial statements, appraisals of jewelry or collectibles, tax returns, in addition to several other things. It is helpful to be prepared to file for divorce or to be served divorce papers. If you think that divorce is something that may be happening in your near future, make an appointment with an attorney to discuss what things you can do before it happens.