New York native Lauren Silverman, best known for her relationship with superstar Simon Cowell, may not be moving to Florida as quickly as she had hoped. The woman was planning a move to Miami, but it appears that the father of her 7-year-old son plans to invoke provisions in their existing child custody agreement. That child custody document prevents the woman from moving her son out of the state, as he lives and attends school in New York.

Another rather strange complication in the matter: The couple’s child custody agreement prohibits the child from spending time with Cowell for at least another year. That provision is accompanied by a $50,000 penalty, according to the child custody modification. Although this may seem like a bizarre provision, parents can negotiate specific requirements for their child custody agreement, or a judge can weigh in on the best interests of the child.

The woman’s ex-husband clearly had his reasons for pursuing such a change to their child custody agreement. He cited adultery as the reason for filing divorce papers. That married couple had been close with Cowell before the ex-husband discovered that his wife was having an affair with his friend.

Official reports show that the woman is seeking a move back to Miami, the city in which her parents reside. Further, Cowell and Silverman have been in talks to purchase property in the southern city, contemplating the size of a potential Miami home. Both the woman’s attorney and her public relations representative deny these claims, saying that Cowell and Silverman are not currently considering relocation.

In many cases, child custody agreements prohibit relocation unless a child custody modification is sought for the best interests of the child. Parents who are either looking to move or seeking the power to prevent a co-parent from moving may benefit from the qualified opinion of a New York family attorney.

Source: Radar Online, “The Ex Factor! Lauren Silverman’s Planned Move To Miami Thwarted By Former Husband Andrew” Radar Staff, Dec. 18, 2013