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New York dads should not suffer discrimination in child custody

When a couple has a child, parents usually expect to be a big part of their son's or daughter's life, even if the relationship with the other parent ends someday. When it comes to child custody matters, New York State law says that decisions are gender-neutral. The child's best interests are paramount, and each parent is supposed to have an equal chance to show that they are entitled to majority custody, if they want it.

Dads in 2014 have different expectations for child custody

It wouldn't be a stretch to say that one of the most dramatic shifts in the last few decades in family law has been the expansion of fathers' rights. It used to be that fathers were often on the outside looking in when it came to child custody after a divorce, and unmarried fathers had next to no hope at all for being legally recognized.

Ballplayer's decision casts spotlight on role, rights of dads

For many years, fathers have had difficulty asserting their rights when it comes to child custody issues. The very idea of fathers' rights strikes some as odd; after all, by their logic, dads should devote their primary attention to their careers and leave raising the children to their mother. More and more people are realizing that this notion is an antiquated one. However, there are still pockets of society where men are criticized for devoting their attention to their families at the expense of their jobs.

Veteran seeks parental rights after child given up for adoption

Particular family strains often come with military service, and unfortunately, for many service members who have been deployed, extended time away from the family can lead to problems that require legal action. For example, Buffalo residents may be interested in an ongoing dispute involving an Army veteran seeking to establish his parental rights.

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