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Dispelling myths about child support

Parents who have custody rely on child support payments to assist in keeping their children healthy, safe and happy. Many parents who receive child support may have received misguided advice from well-meaning friends and family about how child support payments can be spent, or have been questioned by an ex-spouse about where the child support payments are spent.

Is child support tax-deductible?

The deadline for filing your income taxes is less than two months away. For many readers in Buffalo, the task will be about the same as it was last year, but those who got divorced last year may have many questions. For example, newly divorced and separated parents probably need to know if child support is taxable income.

New York Dad says Mom hacked his financial docs off the Internet

A child support dispute can get ugly. Often, the parent with custody of the children will claim the other parent is lying about his or her finances to get out of paying as much support as he or she can afford. For their part, the non-custodial parent may accuse his or her ex of trying to unfairly squeeze him or her financially.

Man admits sending lookalike to take paternity test

Most responsible adults in Buffalo provide for their children to the best of their abilities. This includes paying child support for kids the parents do not have custody over. Unfortunately, some parents do not live up to their responsibilities. They fall behind on child support, or seek to deny a biological connection.

Important expenses can increase the child support bill

When married parents get divorced, often they will either agree that one parent provide child support to the other, or the court will order child support to be paid. Children of divorce should not have to suffer financially because their parents are splitting up, and child support is intended to at least partially replace the noncustodial parent's income in the household.

Liam Gallagher fined $5K for not appearing at child support hearing

Any time you are involved in a legal matter that is going before a judge, it is a good idea to show up in court when you are supposed to. Some matters may not require your personal participation, but when the judge expects you to be there, and you are not, it could seriously damage your case in his or her eyes.

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