If your marriage seems a bit on the rocks and you’ve found yourself thinking about divorce after summer, you may not be alone. A new study found that more parents consider getting divorced after summer breaks. 

While the study looked at parents in the United Kingdom, researchers suggest that parents in the United States may also be more likely to consider or file for divorce once the summer is over. Summertime is supposed to be about family vacations, having fun and getting some sun. Why would more couples consider divorce after summer?

There are several reasons more parents may think about getting divorced once summer is over. Summer may lead to more stress in the family with the children home from school. It could mean less time for couples to spend alone togther, and summer may see more arguments about finances for vacations and issues with how to raise the kids. 

The study found that 46 percent of spouses surveyed said they had more financial pressure during the summer caused by family vacations and childcare expenses. 

These are all reasons more couples may think about getting divorced once summer is over. Another reason more couples may file for divorce after summer is that they don’t want to ruin their kids’ summer fun so they wait to file for divorce until after summer and when their children will be more involved in school and other activities. 

Getting divorced with children can be complicated and stressful as there are many issues to consider and factor into the divorce negotiations. Parents thinking about filing for divorce should consult a divorce attorney to discuss their options and what factors to consider before filing for divorce. 

Source: Huffington Post, “Divorce Study Finds That A Fifth of U.K. Parents Consider Divorce After Summer Break,” Aug. 23, 2013