Kris and Bruce Jenner, two very well-know and wealthy reality stars, have announced that they have separated after 22 years of marriage. The separation was not that surprising to many as the couple had already been living apart for a while.

The couple’s future divorce could turn messy as they never signed a prenuptial agreement and they have a reported fortune of $125 million combined between the two. Bruce Jenner made his fortune after winning a gold medal in the Olympics and receiving many endorsement deals. Since then, Kris has become the main breadwinner managing her children as well as producing the popular show, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

What led to the celebrity couple calling it quits? Both parties said that it wasn’t one issue that led to the break up. However, many people have speculated that Bruce was no longer feeling comfortable in their home and wanted some space. After Bruce had started living in his own rental home, the couple finally admitted they were separated. 

Reports say that Bruce took a backseat to stay home and take care of the couple’s two children while Kris pursued her career. Depending on any agreements the couple made, Bruce could claim that he stopped his career to care for the kids and could be entitled to alimony to help support the same lifestyle they had while they were married. 

Because the couple has been married for so long and the amount of wealth they have accumulated, dividing their property and assets could be very complicated during the divorce. Divorce negotiations can be complex, especially in high-asset and high profile divorce cases like this one. 

High-asset divorces can be difficult to handle. Individuals who are considering divorce and have a significant amount of wealth should be sure to consult a divorce attorney to discuss their options and what next steps to take. 

Source: NY Daily News, “Kris Jenner, Bruce Jenner split: No prenup with $125 million fortune at stake could result in messy divorce for the couple,” Nancy Dillon, Oct. 9, 2013