Divorce is not easy for anyone involved, including children. Kids, especially the younger ones, tend to struggle with divorce, as they may notice the subtle changes between their parents without understanding the cause.

This is only one of the reasons why it’s crucial to avoid keeping your kids in the dark during your divorce. While it can be a parental instinct to want to shield your kids from “bad” things, avoiding the subject altogether may do more harm than good.

Divorce is difficult enough as it is. Talking to your children in a way they can understand can do wonders for their mental and emotional health.

Best Ways to Approach the Topic of Divorce With Your Children

Children don’t have the same level of understanding and maturity as adults. Therefore, it’s important to approach your children in a more tactful, kid-friendly manner to help guide them through the divorce process and the changes ahead.

The following are some of the best ways to speak to your kids about divorce.

Speak to Your Children Together if Possible

If you and your spouse can come together to talk to your children at the same time, this is the ideal situation.

While the idea of parents going their separate ways can be scary, seeing parents engaging in conversation together can make all the difference for a child. It’s healthy, and it can further reassure the child that the changes aren’t entirely negative and their parents love them all the same.

Don’t Tip-Toe Around the Subject

Beating around the bush doesn’t do you or your children any favors. You will want to opt for a more direct approach. Talking about divorce can be intimidating, but rest assured, there is no right or wrong way to go about it. You know your child best and can tailor your conversation in a way they’ll understand.

Avoid Playing the Blame Game

Regardless of whether you have the talk with your spouse or alone, it’s vital never to blame each other for divorce. The divorce may be one spouse’s fault or the other’s, but your child doesn’t need to know that.

Additionally, blaming each other can negatively affect your child’s perception of you or their other parent and may contribute to feelings of resentment.

Gently Prepare Them for Changes Ahead

Every divorce is different. Therefore, you are best equipped to prepare your children for the changes they could anticipate experiencing.

Preparing your kids can further help them cope with your divorce and everything that lies ahead.

Point Out Everything That Won’t Change

Along the same lines, you should balance the bad with the good and remind your kids of what won’t be changing.

Depending on the details of your divorce, you can let your children know the things they’re used to won’t be changing, like time spent with both parents and the love both parents have for them.

The Guidance of an Experienced Divorce Attorney in Buffalo

It’s no secret that divorce is hard on everyone, especially kids. A qualified divorce lawyer can help guide you through the divorce process in Western New York to ensure your family’s transition is as seamless as possible.