Getting divorced could be a frightening experience; especially given the unknown with how assets will be divided, how children will be cared for, and how much it will cost to address disagreements. Chances are that you will get advice from friends and family about what to expect, whether you like it or not.

With all the unsolicited advice you may come your way, it may not include how to prepare for an initial consultation with a divorce attorney. After all, this is an important meeting where you will learn the basics surrounding divorce, and be able to interview the lawyer to see if he or she is the best fit for what you want to achieve. 

With that said, this post will identify a few things to help you prepare.

Be prepared to discuss your goals – At its core, divorce is supposed to be an orderly process for dividing assets, setting expectations for caring for children and helping the parties move on with their lives. As such, you should have some goals in mind, whether they are immediate, intermediate and long-term.

Assets and debts may be discussed- The lawyer will ask you about your financial situation so that he or she can see if there are any glaring legal issues that must be addressed at the outset. A financial discussion can be helped with information about bank accounts, retirement funds, and other notable assets; including information about your debts.

Be able to deal with your emotions – The attorney you meet with will understand that you are going through a difficult time. So he or she may be ready for you to vent. However, it may be more efficient to stick to the legal issues you need advice with.