Does growing up with more siblings reduce the risk of divorce? A new study suggests so. The study found that people who grew up with more siblings had a lower chance of getting divorced as adults. Researchers at Ohio State University reported that for every sibling a person has, their risk of divorce is decreased by two percent.

While the researchers said that more siblings reduce the risk of divorce, they did not see a change between individuals who had no siblings and people who only had one or two siblings. The study found that these individuals had the same likelihood of getting divorced.

The study said that with every additional sibling, the family dynamic changes and allows siblings to gain more experience interacting with different types of personalities as well as addressing different types of arguments. The study did not say that there is a direct correlation between the number of siblings and divorce filings but did say that individuals with many siblings are more likely to develop negotiating skills that can help them during marital arguments.

Researchers said that individuals who are only children should not be worried about getting divorced. However, the study did indicate that growing up in a larger family can help people develop better social skills that may help them resolve disputes or help them get along better with their spouse.

Regardless of the number of siblings a person has, many individuals consider filing for divorce every year. Individuals who are thinking about divorce should consult a family law attorney to understand the implications of divorce and what steps they should take to help them through the divorce process.

Source: Daily News, “Having more siblings may reduce your risk of divorce: study,” Victoria Taylor, Aug. 13, 2013