In Buffalo, many business disputes are not resolved in court. Instead, the parties use alternative dispute resolution techniques like mediation to reach a settlement. Mediation is also an option in family law, such as in a divorce when the spouses would rather not pursue the traditional path.

Besides often being cheaper and faster than court, many people find mediation to be a more holistic and empowering way to work out matters like property division, child custody and child support. It is not for everybody, but can be a good option for divorcing couples who still are able to sit in a room together and negotiate in good faith.

The Buffalo News recently interviewed a professional divorce mediator. She calls mediation “a kinder way to undo a marriage that is over.”

In mediation, the spouses meet with a neutral person called a mediator. The mediator’s job is to facilitate the negotiations, unlike a judge, who makes the decision after hearing evidence from both sides. The mediator does not represent either side. Spouses can get advice from a divorce attorney, and experts like accountants and financial planners if necessary.

If the two sides can settle the necessary issues this way, they can save time, money and anguish. By taking ownership of the settlement, both exes may be more likely to feel they got a fair deal. The risk of one spouse failing to live up to their obligations could be lower.

For more information about how divorce mediation works, please contact a family law attorney.