Appeals In New York Divorce And Family Law Cases

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Many clients come to our firm after receiving unsatisfactory Supreme or Family Court orders after a change of circumstances has made it necessary to modify their existing divorce agreement.

A lot of matrimonial and family law firms only take cases through the trial level and are intimidated by the appellate process because appellate courts are another area of law that many lawyers chose not to practice. Different rules and procedures apply in Appellate Court. Even attorneys who routinely go to trial do not chose to argue appeals in the Appellate Courts.

Venzon Law Firm PC has the skills and experience necessary to successfully appeal orders and obtain the results clients need to move forward with their lives.

Divorce Appeals

In some cases an appeal may not be available. If your current divorce order was reached through agreement and settlement between you and your former spouse, an Appellate Court will not hear your case unless there are very specific circumstances. Instead, other avenues — such as modification — may be the best way to change the terms of your agreement.

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