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Cases are heard in Family Court when parties have never been married to each other, and these family disputes cannot be resolved through negotiation and settlement. Family Court has limited jurisdiction and can hear cases that involve familial matters such as child custody and visitation, child support, and spousal support. The court also may hear cases involving paternity disputes and domestic violence. The New York Supreme Court has exclusive jurisdiction over divorce cases, and thus, divorce cannot be decided in Family Court. However, many post-divorce issues can be heard in family court. 

Many rules and procedures differ dramatically between the Supreme Court and Family Courts, making it important to hire an attorney who is familiar with the nuances of both systems. Venzon Law Firm PC has experience litigating in both systems since 1984. We are familiar with the rules, regulations, and time frames applicable to both venues and understand the differences in judicial preference and procedures.

Unlike many other matrimonial and family law lawyers, Venzon Law Firm PC has extensive appellate experience. When clients want to appeal a Family Court or Supreme Court decision, our attorneys have the legal knowledge and experience to successfully represent their cases in the appellate process.

Family Court Vs. Supreme Court — What’s The Difference?

Family Court and the New York Supreme Court have similar power over post-divorce matters, but there are considerable differences that the attorney and client must consider before proceeding.

  • The New York Supreme Court has exclusive jurisdiction over matters of divorce. It is more difficult for individuals to proceed in the Supreme Court without an attorney, and filing fees make litigation more expensive than Family Court.
  • Family Court does not charge fees to file cases.
  • Family Court is easier for individuals to represent themselves. However, there are many complex rules and procedures that must be followed and hiring an experienced attorney is always to your advantage.
  • Family Courts may be less expensive to litigate than post-divorce modification and enforcement requests.
  • Family Court can handle matters of custody, visitation and support, and it may assign support magistrates to determine support matters.

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