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Preparation For Divorce And Settlement Negotiation

Divorce and other family law negotiations are much different from courtroom trials. The approach, attitudes of the parties and the entire process is different. However, one thing that remains the same in both trial and negotiation is the importance of being prepared. Adequate preparation can be the difference between favorable and unfavorable results in your case.

Talk with an experienced attorney from our firm. At Venzon Law Firm PC, we serve clients in Buffalo, Niagara Falls and all of Western New York in all types of divorce and other family law disputes. With 37 years of experience helping clients through negotiation and trial, we can help you prepare to negotiate to get the best results possible.

How To Prepare For Negotiation

Before entering into settlement negotiations, make sure you:

  • Get your financial information together: One of the most important parts of the negotiations for divorce and legal separation will involve agreeing on division of assets and financial support issues. It is important to have accurate documentation and a clear understanding of your financial situation.
  • Prepare your schedule: Another important piece of the negotiations will involve determining a parenting plan together. To do this, both parties should have their regular weekly schedule laid out clearly to aid in the discussions.
  • Set your expectations: Knowledge is one of the most important assets in divorce negotiations. You must know what outcomes are possible and which are likely. This knowledge is a tremendous benefit in negotiations.
  • Come prepared to negotiate: Divorce can be an extremely emotional time for people. Some clients facing divorce will come into negotiations with unreasonable expectations and no small amount of angst. They want to “win” every small battle and try to hurt the other party as much as possible. This approach simply does not work. Negotiation requires that both parties be willing to work amicably together and negotiate in good faith. Prepare to negotiate with your spouse to get the results you need.

Our legal team has a wealth of experience in divorce negotiation and trial work. We can help you with every aspect of your negotiation preparation to make sure you are ready. We will make sure you get the best results possible in your case.

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