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Settlement Negotiations In New York Divorce

Located in Buffalo, New York, the attorneys at Venzon Law Firm PC are skilled in negotiating terms that you can live with — terms that will help you move on with your life after divorce and live happily ever after.

For 37 years, the attorneys at Venzon Law Firm PC have been helping clients use negotiation and settlement to resolve their divorce and other family law conflicts. It is never too late to live happily ever after. Together, we will help you resolve your disputes in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

Negotiation And Settlement

Venzon Law Firm PC‘s experience in negotiating settlements—and in preparing our clients for settlement negotiations—allows us to resolve matters quickly. We often have four-way conferences where we meet with your spouse, or other parent and their attorney, to achieve a mutually agreeable resolution. This is the most cost-effective approach and leads to less stress and hostility for all parties — including any children who may be involved. Negotiation is a time and money-saving alternative to resolve disputes.

Divorce By Agreement

A negotiated divorce agreement is an alternative to consider. It allows you and your attorneys to construct an agreement that spells out the terms of the divorce or parenting plan — basing the outcome on your input, not that of a judge. Together, you and your spouse can determine how your property will be divided and your custody and visitation schedules will be arranged.

These meetings or settlement conferences are arranged at a time that is convenient for both you and your spouse. There is no waiting for your case to come up on the court docket, and there are no delays for scheduling a hearing.

Mediation Does NOT Work For Everyone

It is important to understand that negotiation and mediation are NOT one and the same. Insults, coercion and threats will not be allowed in divorce negotiation. Mediation may subject a spouse to be intimidated by the other’s behavior because there is no one there to represent you, and it is never appropriate for a victim of domestic abuse and violence.

Contact Us Today For Help Negotiating An Amicable Agreement

If you have questions or concerns regarding negotiating the terms of your divorce, Venzon Law Firm PC can help. We provide cost-effective solutions for all types of divorce and family law disputes. Call us at 716-262-8282, or contact us online to arrange a consultation. We are conveniently located in Buffalo, New York, and represent clients throughout Western New York and Canada.