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Sophisticated Divorce Representation For Pro Athletes

Professional athletes face a number of unique issues in divorce. The keys to success in these cases are legal experience and focus.

At Venzon Law Firm PC, we represent professional athletes in Buffalo, Niagara Falls and all of Western New York, in all aspects of their divorce. We focus exclusively on divorce-related matters to give all of our clients the best service and representation possible.

Since our firm’s founding in 1984, we have built a reputation for exceptional representation in high-profile divorce cases, marked by:

  • Discretion: With any high-profile divorce matter, it is important to work with an attorney you trust will keep your information confidential and handle your case with extreme discretion. We will work with you to make sure you are represented well, not only in negotiations and the courtroom, but also in the court of public opinion.
  • Sophisticated negotiation: With 37 years of divorce and family law experience, we know how to negotiate all the family law concerns for professional athletes that become issues during their divorces.
  • Asset protection: With professional athletes and other high net worth divorce cases, the money is one of the most important considerations. The division of assets, spousal support and other financial matters become much more complicated in these cases. Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to protect your financial interests throughout the process.

For 37 years, clients have entrusted their high-asset divorce cases to our experienced, capable team of attorneys. We have sophisticated knowledge to handle your case.

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