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Let Us Help You Protect Your Assets In A Divorce

All couples moving through marriage dissolution in New York follow the same legal process. However, this process is more complex for couples with a high net worth.

At Venzon Law Firm PC, we understand the complexities involved in high net worth divorce. Together, we will ensure you leave your marriage with the financial instruments you need to achieve continued financial independence and security.

Located in Buffalo, New York, our attorneys have been helping individuals with high-asset marital estates navigate the divorce process for 37 years. We represent clients with unique challenges in divorce, including professional athletes, corporate executives, doctors, attorneys and successful entrepreneurs. We understand the challenges of autonomy and discretion in high-profile public matters, and we have the experience and financial savvy to protect your interests throughout your divorce and into the future.

Buffalo Attorneys Helping High-Asset Individuals

Individuals with a high net worth who are divorcing must retain a law firm skilled in the division and protection of complicated assets, including the following:

  • Substantial pension and retirement plans
  • Multistate real estate, business and other property interests
  • Offshore accounts, stock options, inheritance and royalty income
  • Intellectual property including patents and copyrights

New York State follows a rule of equitable distribution. Equitable distribution means the court divides marital property equitably, with fairness in mind, rather than a pure 50-50 split.

High Net Worth Divorce In New York

Venzon Law Firm PC‘s experienced attorneys handle high-asset divorces and understand issues such as the valuation of assets, tax consequences, debt management, and even the value and costs of professional degrees.

Experienced family law lawyers at Venzon Law Firm PC employ forensic accountants and other specialists to review and provide guidance on the following issues:

  • Equitable division of debt
  • Potential tax consequences of asset division
  • Vocational and business valuation and assessment
  • Division of retirement and other income accounts
  • Strategic structuring of payout settlements
  • Child and spousal support distributions
  • Determination of marital and separate property

Working with the experienced attorneys at Venzon Law Firm PC allows high net worth — and high-profile — couples to retain their privacy and their profits during this difficult time.

Experienced Family Law Lawyers

If you have questions about high net worth and high-profile asset division, child custody or divorce — we can help. Call us at 716-262-8282, or complete our quick contact web form for a prompt and confidential response.