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Helping Clients File For Divorce For Over 30 Years

If you are considering divorce, you must understand what the process entails and the requirements you need to follow. Located in Buffalo, New York, the attorneys at Venzon Law Firm PC have been helping clients who want advice throughout Western New York and Canada for 37 years.

From the initial filing to the final divorce decree, our attorneys help clients obtain a divorce so they can live happily ever after.

How To File For Divorce In New York

You have made the decision to file for divorce, and now it is time to meet with your matrimonial and family law attorneys to analyze your circumstances and begin the process.

The first step for new clients at Venzon Law Firm PC is to complete our Client Intake Sheet. This consultation form asks for information, including personal and employment information for you and your spouse, your children’s names and ages, and whether you have or need an order of protection. During the course of the divorce, you will need other information such as financial statements, tax returns, etc.

Grounds For Divorce In New York

You and your spouse may seek a divorce based on the irretrievable breakdown of your marriage. In addition, grounds exist for adultery, cruel and inhuman treatment, abandonment and living separate, and apart pursuant to a written separation agreement. This agreement includes all the agreed upon terms of your settlement, including custody, visitation, spousal support and property division.

To qualify for a divorce in New York State residency requirements must be met, which include some of the following:

  • You or your spouse must be a New York State resident for a specified period of time
  • The grounds for divorce occurred in New York State
  • You and your spouse reside in New York State
  • You and your spouse have lived in New York State for the preceding year
  • You and your spouse were married in New York State
  • You and your spouse lived in New York State while you were married

Filing For Divorce

If you have determined the grounds for divorce and meet the residency requirements, Venzon Law Firm PC will prepare and file the paperwork necessary to begin your case. If there is disagreement about the reason for the divorce or settlement issues, the case will go to court and is deemed a contested divorce. An uncontested divorce is when both parties agree to all terms pertaining to their divorce. In either case, you should consult an attorney who can negotiate a divorce agreement that works for you and to file the required paperwork.

Contact Our Divorce Attorneys Today

The Buffalo divorce lawyers at Venzon Law Firm PC will to explain the grounds for divorce available to you. The more you know about the divorce process, the easier it is to decide on a plan. Call us at 716-262-8282, or complete our quick contact web form for a prompt and confidential response.