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Answers To Your Divorce And Separation Questions

At Venzon Law Firm PC, we have been serving clients in Buffalo, Niagara Falls and all of Western New York for 37 years. Please review our divorce and separation frequently asked questions and contact us to discuss your case.

What is the difference between divorce and separation?

Divorce and separation look very much the same in many ways. Separating couples can negotiate or litigate the details of child custody and support, spousal support, asset division, and other related issues just as they would in a divorce. The parties live apart as though they were divorced. The primary difference is that separation does not actually render the marriage dissolved as divorce does.

Some choose separation as an alternative to divorce because separation gives them a better opportunity to retain certain shared health benefits or military benefits. For others, separation is like a trial period for a divorce, allowing couples to test the waters apart before deciding to sever the bonds permanently.

Should we try mediation for our divorce?

Many attorneys push mediation as a positive alternative to the traditional divorce process. However, a lot of the propaganda surrounding mediation is misleading. It is often not the solution for most divorces that its proponents claim it to be.

At Venzon Law Firm PC, we find that negotiation is the most effective approach for resolving divorce disputes outside of the courtroom. We can use settlement negotiations to protect your interests and expedite the divorce process.

What if my divorce goes to trial?

Many divorce law firms do not have any experience with the trial process, and some of them never see the inside of a courtroom in their divorce practices. When their cases have to go to trial, these lawyers refer their clients to other attorneys with trial experience.

This is not the case with Venzon Law Firm PC. We have a wealth of experience with the trial process, so if you work with us and your case has to go to trial, you will not have to start over with another law firm. Our attorneys will already be familiar with your case, and we can protect your interests at trial.

Can I still go to trial during Covid-19?

Yes, it is online and does present challenges. There are many delays in court due to Covid.

Will I still be able to see my children after divorce?

The courts these days generally prefer to avoid the former method of giving one parent sole physical custody. Barring any past instances of domestic violence, addiction problems or related issues, the courts will usually prefer parenting plans that involve relatively equal physical custody time to ensure the children have access to both parents.

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