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Annulling Void And Voidable Marriages In New York State

It’s never too late to live happily ever after. Located in Buffalo, Venzon Law Firm PC has been helping couples throughout Western New York and Canada annul their marriages and move forward with their lives for 37 years.

Experienced Family Law Attorneys Helping Clients Obtain Annulments

An annulment is granted when a marriage is voidable or void from the beginning. This means there was a defect at the time the parties entered into the marriage, which allows the court to declare it invalid. Unlike a divorce, an annulment rewrites history as though the marriage never occurred. If you have your marriage annulled, it never existed. Property rights are then protected.

Grounds For Annulment

The grounds for annulment in New York State can be found under the NY Domestic Relations Law §140. This law provides several different grounds for annulment and dictates when an annulment of the marriage can be requested.

  • Force, duress or fraud
  • Under age of consent
  • Five years of incurable mental illness
  • Mental incapacity
  • Already married

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