In a year marked by lockdowns and people suddenly working from home, it’s no surprise that relationships are undergoing an extreme amount of stress. For some people, the strain may prove to be too much. Many experts have been predicting an uptick in divorce cases, and an increase in divorce-related internet searches may be the first sign that these predictions are coming true.

While nationwide divorce data is not available at the moment, a data analytics company, SEMrush, has seen divorce-related keyword searches increase by 11% this year. The increase started in March, right around the time many businesses shut down, and have held steady ever since. However, it’s only recently that lawyers have begun to see an increase in clients who are considering a divorce.

Why now?

It’s a safe assumption to think that being in close quarters with another person can cause cracks in a relationship. However, increased divorce-related searches may be influenced by other factors as well.

Financial insecurity and instability may have made people reluctant to seek help from a divorce attorney. With more people returning to work, the fear of paying for a divorce has been somewhat reduced. An increase in incidents of domestic violence may also be behind the growth of divorce-related searches.

For many couples, “the new normal” may have magnified issues that already existed in their relationship. If anything, this year has provided some clarity in terms of what we want out of life. If you find that your relationship no longer reflects the person you’ve become, you should discuss your options with a family law professional. Remember that it’s never too late to live happily ever after.