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What Our Clients Say About Us

A great client experience is at the heart of what we do. Click here to view additional client testimonials.

“The Venzon Law Firm PC is excellent and quite frankly there is no other choice in my opinion. I heard about Catharine from a friend and a little over a month ago (June 2016) I retained them to represent me. I am a dad to two beautiful kids caught in the middle of an ongoing 3-plus year contentious divorce and custody battle. I have had two prior attorneys, with one of them being a large, expensive, and well known firm in Buffalo, and trust me when I say that the Venzon Firm stands so far above the rest. In a little over a month Chad and Catharine and their excellent support team have literally turned around my case already. They are extremely well respected in court among their peers and the judges, answer all questions thoroughly and efficiently, listen to and assuage your concerns, proactively strategize, and simply blow away the competition. I wish I hired them from the start, but I am extremely grateful I have them now!”

“Catharine and Chad are the absolute best at what they do! They work together to ensure that they and their entire team know the facts of your case to ensure the most favorable outcome. Our battle was uphill and long with setbacks but Catharine’s compassion and determination to help us get justice prevailed in the end!!”

“Catharine Venzon is a wonderful attorney. I couldn’t have asked for a better woman to be on my side during this difficult time. She and her law firm went above and beyond what any law firm needed to. She is a woman of integrity and knows the law in and out. She helped me win my divorce. I would highly recommend her to anyone going through a matrimonial or custody matter. She and her firm are amazing. Look no further than this law firm for what you need.”

“Catharine and her team did a great job representing me in a very contentious divorce action. They were always well prepared, patient and professional which eventually led to a successful outcome for myself and my children. I would sincerely recommend her firm, if you are looking for a highly competent team that charges reasonable rates and cares about their clients.”

“I highly recommend Ms. Venzon and her associates. She is intelligent and hard working for her clients. I always felt that she had my best interest in mind and always worked hard to get what I deserved. She always treated me with respect and was very sensitive to my issues. I am extremely satisfied with Ms. Venzon and her law firm and recommend them without hesitation.”

“Catharine Venzon and her team have been extremely knowledgeable and insightful on all areas of my case. She has always treated me in a respectful manner and described everything in a way that was easy to understand. Venzon Law Firm PC has made a bad time in my life easier with having their support and wisdom backing me up. I can’t say enough how much their continued guidance has helped me in several situations that have arose.”

Venzon Law Firm PC was recommended to me by a friend, and to be honest I have never seen lawyers like this before. I can’t stop raving about them to my co-workers and family. This firm cares about the client and they take the time to explain everything and anything in regards to your case. Catharine has been there with me since day one, they always asked how I was doing and how I felt and for me that showed a lot. They are very accurate in what they say and do and there is never a surprise and also they prepare you so you feel confident if you ever have to go to court. Also the office personnel of Venzon are warm and friendly and they always call you back or email you in a timely manner. Also Venzon Law Firm PC never stop working for you, they even called me on a Sunday to make sure that I was ready and to have all my facts in order. If you have to get a Lawyer to represent you, may I suggest Catharine. I am so happy with their services that I have found a firm for my family and friends. They have my business for life.”

“Catharine handled my case with great knowledge of the law, and with a passion for success. She has a way of separating emotion from the legal issues at hand, presenting it in clear and understandable terms, taking the fear out of the process. In the courtroom, she really shines as she fights for you with passion yet is highly organized in her efforts. Her ability to deflect opposing counsel’s arguments was impressive. I give her 5 out of five on the star meter! Thank you Catharine!”

“I really appreciate all your assistance in helping me with a very painful process. I cannot even think where I would be if I had not had your help and guidance! Thank you!”

“Wow you guys are the best, I gave it a shot I didn’t think I’d get a response so detailed. Thanks again for continuing to help your clients, I wouldn’t change your firm for any other! Thanks again.”

“So I truly thank you for your advice, because I’ve been told by a couple of Lawyers that I got a great offer for what is considered a short marriage. As for my immigration matters, I’ll be able to petition for myself. You’ve truly helped me from a distance and I’m truly grateful for your assistance. I wish you the merriest of the Holiday season. Thanks!”