Child Support Enforcement & Modification

We Can Help You Enforce And Modify Child Support Orders

Child Support Modification

New York State permits child support modifications to reflect certain unexpected changes. A child support modification may be necessary whenever a substantial change in the needs of the child or the financial circumstances of the parents has occurred. Modification of a custody order often acts as a catalyst for modifying a parent’s child support obligations.

Venzon Law Firm PC helps clients seek child support modifications that better fit the changing needs of their children. An increase in child support obligations may be merited when a child’s needs increase, or a parent begins making more money than previously earned. Conversely, a reduction in child support may be sought when a parent’s financial resources have been reduced due to loss of job, poor health or the birth of additional children.

Enforcing Your Child’s Right To Support

Children have the right to receive financial support from both parents. Legal resources are available in the event that your child’s other parent failed to provide court-ordered support. Venzon Law Firm PC helps clients enforce their child support orders so they can care for their children.

There are many enforcement remedies available, such as wage garnishment and property liens. Parents who fail to pay court-ordered child support can be held civilly and criminally in contempt of court and sent to jail until the amount owed is paid in full. Courts may also impose additional sanctions, including:

  • Intercepting tax refunds
  • Suspending driver’s licenses
  • Seizing property
  • Ordering payment of attorneys’ fees

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