Get The Financial Resources You Need To Raise Your Children

Paying For The Costs Of Raising A Child

New York State permits judges to order child support payments above and beyond the normal payments recommended in state guidelines under the Child Support Enforcement Act. Additional support obligations are often required to help custodial parents pay for additional medical expenses, child care and educational costs associated with raising their child.

Venzon Law Firm PC helps clients obtain the support they need to pay for health insurance, day care and education:

  • Day care — When the custodial parent works — or is in school or training — parents must share the costs of day care.
  • Medical expenses — Parents share the cost of their child’s health insurance and uninsured health care costs based on a proportionate share of their income.

The Right To College Tuition?

In New York, children have the right to receive child support until age 21. Children may be able to legally require their parents to pay for college expenses under certain circumstances. Parents cannot waive their duty to provide child support because this right belongs to the child and not the parents.

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