Child Support

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Determining Child Support

In New York, child support is determined by the Child Support Standards Act, which sets forth child support guidelines that take into consideration the combined parental income and the number of children each parent supports. However, judges have the power to deviate from this formula to increase or decrease the amount of support based on numerous factors, including:

  • Financial resources of both parents
  • Physical and emotional health of the child
  • Standard of living the child would have enjoyed had the marriage not dissolved
  • Tax consequences
  • Nonmonetary contributions made by the parents
  • Visitation expenses

Parents are responsible for other costs associated with raising their child, including health care, educational expenses and child care. At Venzon Law Firm PC, our attorneys also help clients modify and enforce their existing child support orders.

Children have the right to receive financial support from both parents until age 21 or longer. Parents may even be held legally responsible to pay for college. Parents cannot agree to relieve each other of support obligations because the right to receive financial support belongs to the child.