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Be Prepared For Your Custody Negotiation

If you are entering into a negotiation regarding a child custody arrangement and parenting plan, make sure you are prepared. Your children are too important to take this negotiation lightly. It is essential to work with a lawyer you can trust to guide you through the process and protect your relationship with your children.

At Venzon Law Firm PC, we have decades of experience in all types of divorce and family law matters, including child custody negotiations in Buffalo, Niagara Falls and all of Western New York. Our attorneys can help you prepare for your custody negotiation, protect your children and create a parenting plan that will work for you.

How To Prepare

The first thing to do is adopt an attitude of collaboration. When a divorcing couple enters these negotiations with a warrior mentality, it can hinder the process, so make sure you are ready to work together as amicably as possible.

A more practical type of preparation is to prepare your schedule. If you have a clearly laid out schedule of your work and other commitments, as well as holidays and other annual events, it makes the process of creating a unified parenting plan much easier.

Have a clear understanding of any issues that might arise. Instances of domestic violence, alcohol or drug abuse and other issues could impact the negotiations. It is also important to think about whether either parent’s neighborhood could be dangerous for the child, preferred school systems for the child, any special needs your child might have and other related issues. It is important to have a clear stance on these issues before going into the negotiations so that you’re not surprised by or ill-prepared for anything that comes up.

The most important thing you can do is contact Venzon Law Firm PC. We can explain the entire process and make sure you are prepared for your negotiation.

Call us at 800-583-6960 or contact us online to schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney from our firm.