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Certified Attorney For The Child

One of the more important accolades we have earned at Venzon Law Firm PC is that attorneys Catharine Venzon and Chad Pidanick have both received certification as Attorneys for the Child.

As a firm, we have more than three decades of experience serving clients in a range of custody and visitation matters and other divorce and family law issues. From our Buffalo office — conveniently located near the courts — we serve clients throughout Western New York and Canada. Handling matters related to children and their ongoing needs is among our most important duties as a law firm.

What Is Certification As An Attorney For The Child?

Only an attorney who has earned certification as Attorney for the Child may be appointed by the court to represent the interests of children in divorce and other family law situations. This comes up frequently in domestic violence situations and in most custody battles.

What Does This Mean For You?

In addition to the respect and esteem Catharine Venzon and Chad Pidanick have earned from the legal community, this certification is a great asset if you have children involved in your divorce. Because she has so much experience and knowledge regarding all family law matters involving children, she is able to navigate these issues with her clients.

The most important considerations are the children in divorce matters. We work hard with our clients to make sure their children’s interests are protected and they get the best arrangement possible for their happily ever after.

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