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New York Attorneys Assisting With Supervised Visitation

At Venzon Law Firm PC, we understand how important visitation and access is to developing and maintaining relationships with your children. Our lawyers help clients get the visitation time needed to keep strong parent-child bonds intact.

Located in Buffalo, our attorneys have been helping parents throughout Western New York and Canada prepare to fight for custody and obtain the visitation orders they need to maintain parent-child relationships for 37 years.

Attorneys Catharine Venzon and Chad Pidanick are certified Attorneys for the Child. They are frequently appointed by the courts to represent the interests of the child. They have unique experience and knowledge regarding all issues relating to children in divorce and other family law disputes. Trust our team to protect your interests and your family.

Experienced Attorneys Protecting Parents’ Rights To Relationships With Their Children

There is a presumption that visitation is in the best interest of the child. This severely limits the court’s ability to deny visitation. However, the court retains the right to place restrictions on visitation or access and can order supervised visitation/access or deny overnight access based on the best interests of the child.

Supervised Visitation

Visitation may be unsupervised, supervised or therapeutically supervised. If a court orders supervised visits, that parent may not be alone with the child. In such cases the court will appoint a supervisor. Supervised access is ordered when serious concerns exist about the parent’s ability to parent and act properly with the child or where there is a history of domestic violence. Similarly, therapeutic supervised visitation requires the presence of a mental health professional to assist in the improvement of the parenting skills of the parent and to protect the child.

Monitored Exchange

The parents by agreement or by court order also determine the time, place and circumstances for the exchange of the children. Under certain circumstances, a neutral place of exchange or monitored exchange may be required. A neutral place refers to a safe location where the child is exchanged from one parent to the other. By contrast, monitored exchange requires a third person to be present when the child goes from one parent to the other to ensure the safety of all parties.

Contact An Experienced Lawyer

If you are involved in a child visitation or access dispute, you need an experienced attorney to protect your rights as a parent. At Venzon Law Firm PC, we help parents protect their rights, and the interests and safety of their children. Contact us today at 716-262-8282 or toll free at 800-583-6960 to set up an initial consultation.