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Child Custody Orders Can Be Modified To Fit Your Needs

Children grow older, work schedules change and relationships evolve, which may make it necessary to modify an existing custody order to fit your life as it has evolved. At Venzon Law Firm PC in Buffalo, New York, our attorneys help clients modify their existing child custody orders to better reflect their family’s current needs.

Venzon Law Firm PC has been helping families throughout Buffalo, Niagara Falls and all of Western New York modify their child custody orders for 37 years.

Helping Clients Modify Existing Child Custody Orders

It is impossible to anticipate every way a family will change and grow, and it is often necessary to modify child custody orders to reflect the realities of current living situations, relocation, familial relationships and lifestyles. Venzon Law Firm PC helps clients during the entire custody modification process.

A negotiated agreement is the best method to obtain a child custody modification. An agreement may save the time and cost of litigation, while empowering clients to take charge of their own lives and make decisions that work best for their families.

Court intervention is required when an agreement cannot be reached. To obtain a court-ordered custody modification, you must demonstrate a significant change in circumstances that merits modification from a previous agreement or judgment. Judges are required to examine a variety of factors when determining whether modification is warranted, including the best interests of the children and whether continuing the existing order would be unfair, improper or unjust.

Enforce Your Parenting Time

Time with your child is a valuable commodity and time lost with a child is lost forever. Legal custody enforcement resources are available when one parent refuses to respect the terms of a custody or visitation arrangement.

Venzon Law Firm PC understands the importance of parenting time in developing and maintaining a strong relationship with your child. Our lawyers will take the necessary legal steps to stop the violation of parenting time, obtain additional visitation to make up for the time denied, and ensure that you have the parenting time necessary to nurture your parent-child bond.

If life’s changes have made a child custody modification necessary, or you have been denied parenting time with your child, contact the Buffalo child custody modification attorneys of Venzon Law Firm PC. Call us today at 716-262-8282 or toll free at 800-583-6960.