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Exploring child custody in New York

Most states in the US, including New York, comply with the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act. The UCCJA promotes legal cooperation between states regarding the custody arrangements for a child in the event of multi-state custody issues. What this means is that although custody is typically handled on a state-by-state basis when key members of the child's family relocate and bring matters to a different state's courts, a consistency can be applied honoring the former jurisdiction's original orders. 

Division of property in an equitable state

There's no sugar coating it: divorce is often complex and almost always painful. You and your ex are likely harboring ill feelings toward one another, but you've still got to hash out issues of child support, custody and property division. Things can get contentious quickly, and that's why a divorce attorney can be an invaluable asset. Your attorney has been through the process before and will know how to prepare you. He or she will also fight for you to ensure your interests are represented. 

Your DRO is crucial and must be explicit

When you have spent a life with someone, there may be many reasons why only one spouse has been accruing a substantial retirement plan and the other has not. Perhaps one of you stayed home to raise the children or took care of the house or even still, one spouse ran a family business while the other held down a nine to five job.

Legal separation, as it precedes divorce

There are many reasons why a divorce isn't something you want to rush into. In some courts, a judge will even require a couple to sit on a divorce petition for a specified length of time before proceeding to confirm this is truly the direction they want to go. It makes sense. A divorce can be a time-consuming and draining ordeal and should not be entered into lightly. Once it is done, it is done, and the orders put in place are legal and binding.

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