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June 2016 Archives

When it comes to custody, what are my options?

When it comes to the custody of children, the two most common types you probably hear about are sole custody and joint custody. However, there are many forms of custody and it is wise to understand your options, whether you are attempting to peacefully co-parent or you are having the court create a custody order and you want to ensure you understand it once it is in place.

Good news for dads this Father's Day: your role is validated

As fair and equitable treatment has become an expected norm in society and in the workplace, it seemed an obvious imbalance existed between men and women when it came to their role as fathers and mothers. Mothers have traditionally been given unquestioned time off for maternity leave and in many places, it is paid. But fathers were not given the same courtesy. As parents, this can present a real challenge. If the father is needed at home he may be allowed to go, but he may not be paid during the time. Now a new family or a family with a new addition experiences added financial challenges while handling the sleep deprivation and other obstacles that adjusting to a newborn bring.

When collaboration won't work in divorce

There are times when divorces go smoothly. Collaboration can occur and the whole process can begin and end with minimal headaches and no ill-will. However, there are also numerous reasons why mediation and collaboration between the two parties cannot work well and when litigation is necessary to successfully divide property.

Things you may wish you planned for with your ex-partner

Even if you and your partner never planned on getting married, that doesn't mean you would never live a life nearly identical to that of a married couple. Maybe you co-own the home you both lived in. Or perhaps you have children together. Like married couples, if you haven't prepared for the potential dissolution of the relationship, you may find yourself having a difficult time logistically following a breakup. Also, if your partner dies, it would benefit you to have an estate plan in place since you won't be the default beneficiary.

Why same-sex couples need a prenuptial agreement

There's really no better way to kill a romantic evening than to mention the words "prenuptial agreement." Engaged couples want to focus on planning a future together, not preparing for one apart. For years, how to bring up the subject of a prenuptial agreement was not one with which same-sex couples had to contend. With same-sex marriage becoming legal across the country, same-sex couples may want to say "I do" to a prenuptial before saying it to each other.

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